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AC Servo Drives

Features: ※High dynamic field oriented control ※Sensor and sensorless operation modes for permanent magnet synchronous motors and induction motors ※Current, speed and position control loops are running with up to 16 KHz and up to twice a PWM interval ※Speed loop bandwidth up to 200 Hz (depending on speed sensor) ※Current loop bandwidth up to 1200 Hz (depending on current sensor) ※ Standard digital inputs are sampled at every 2.5mS ※Automatic limiting features ※ Various interfaces to encoders and process signals ※Multiple digital and analogue inputs/outputs ※2 feedback sensors for applications of requiring the compensation of backlash ※ 2nd encoder can be used as a set point generator ※Electronic gear box for second encoder with integer numerator and denominator for zero-variation gear ratio. ※Separate PID controller with torque or speed output for process control ※Deep field weakening control ※Multi-language human machine interface ※ Communication for user monitoring and control ※Optional regeneration management

AC Motor Drives

Model No: MSC-3 Place of Origin: Taiwan, R.O.C. AC Inverter: AC FrequencyInverter Type: AC/AC Converter Power Range: 0.4kw_600kw


Switching frequency 4 or 8Khz User programmable relays(2) for extra auxiliary functions Near perfect sine wave line current Highly flexible reference selector logic allows simple contact closures to change the operation settings DC bus voltage reference can be a fixed value or automatically track AC line voltage variations L Series 208~240 Vac   Input Voltage(V)  208 ~ 240 Vac , 3 Phases DC Voltage(V)  270 ~ 370 Vdc Max. DC voltage  400 Vdc Input Frequency  48 ~ 62 Hz Max. Power 200 Kw overload 150% Enclosure Rating              IP20-for prevention of accidental contact with high voltage parts by maintainance personel Enviroment        Store Temperature        Ambient Temperature        Relative Humidity        Altitude    -20oC ~ +70 oC  0 ~ 50 oC  5 ~ 95 % (non-condensing)  0 ~ 1000 m Display Screen  16 character * 2 line alphanumeric, Backlight and auto contrast Digital Input   +5V and Digital Ground   D1 ~ D4 and EN    5 Vdc/ Max. current 40mA  High level 3 ~ 5 Vdc / Low level 0 ~ 2 Vdc Analogue Input        Vref        IN+ and IN-            Common mode    +5 Vdc / Max. current 5mA  Differential Mode Input  0 ~ 5 V , 0 ~ 10 V ,  0 ~ 20mA , 4 ~ 20mA  + 25 Vdc Carrier Frequency  4 ~ 8 KHz Current limit  25 to 100% of system overload current Automatically restart        Times of restart        Time interval    0 ~ 20  0.1 ~ 20min